About Three Shadows Media

Helping Growing Businesses BUild + Shape Their Authentic Online Presence

Our Mission

Designing digital marketing strategies for growing businesses

Having a strong digital presence is vital for establishing trust with your customers.

But too many small businesses make the mistake of thinking a website is all they need or that it’s the best place to start.

The truth is that each digital marketing strategy is unique.

Your business may need a new website. But it might also need better email marketing or a focus on SEO results first.

As digital marketing strategists and web designers, we love meeting our clients where they are so we can focus on what their business needs today.

The result is a digital marketing blueprint that helps you meet your business goals with a clear and actionable strategy.

Meet Jacob Neher

Digital Consultant, Web Developer, Outdoorsman

I’ve always been a pretty outgoing guy. I guess it runs in the family. 

My dad was a self-employed contractor for 37 years. 

He did great quality work, but what really sticks out in my memory is how much he enjoyed getting to know his clients. 

Sometimes he’d be at a job site for hours after the work was done, chatting with his clients about their lives. Kids’ soccer games, band concerts, hobbies…the topic didn’t matter. 

He just loved learning about whatever was important to them–connecting with them as human beings. 

I think that type of personal human connection is somewhat of a lost art in the digital age. 

But I’m on a mission to revive it. 


By connecting with my clients as people first and as clients second, I’m building more meaningful relationships with everyone I meet. 


Because in the digital era, authentic connection matters more than ever. Not only for building better businesses, but also for cultivating a little more of the “good stuff” that makes us feel human.

Why "Three Shadows Media"

I am often asked how I came up with the name "Three Shadows Media" so I thought I would share the story here...

When I was a kid, my family used to go to mountain man re-enactments, a historical rendezvous mostly during the mid 1800s time period. People would dress in period clothes and participate in various activities from that era. It was an absolute blast and is one of my fondest memories from my childhood.

For many years, a close friend of my dad’s came with us. At one event, while my dad was dressed in his leather pants and shirt he had made for himself, his friend was joking around with him and said “Kevin, you are so fat that you cast three shadows everywhere you go.” Now, you have to know the humor of their friendship and the group we were with at the time, but everyone, including my dad, found the joke extremely funny. The name somehow just stuck and, in that circle of friends, my dad was known as Three Shadows from then on.

My dad passed away on December 6th, 2016. We did an incredible amount of things together, fully enjoyed life with each other, and shared many interests, including an interest in historical places, events, and artifacts.

I am blessed to be one of only two people in the entire world to have the privilege of calling him “Dad.” He was the best dad in the world. Not the “#1 Dad” mug-type of best, truly the best. I am so grateful for the years I got to spend with him, my best friend.

So, to celebrate the joy I had as a kid going to those mountain man rendezvous re-enactments and, more importantly to me, to honor my Dad and how much he means to me and my life, I decided to name my business after him. “Kevin Media” just didn’t sound cool though, so I went with “Three Shadows Media” instead.

Love you forever Dad!

“Jacob was so easy to work with! When I had an idea about changing this or that he was cool with it, but he also explained why things were being done the way they were. His enthusiasm was amazing and he got excited about my website right along with me!”

Cynthia Vander Vere //Owner, Women's Health Massage Therapy