Website Design Process

I've built a lot of websites

Over the years I've learned what to do and not to do by working on a variety of projects. I have crafted a well thought out workflow that makes the process easy and straightforward for all parties involved.

I keep it all as simple as possible


This step comes first for a reason. I'll ask questions and gather information about what your purpose and goals are for your project and what exactly you are wanting to achieve. Get the ball rolling now by completing my project application!



After the crucial first step, I will create a high-level map of the pages needed on your website to achieve the results that were mapped out in the Strategy phase.


Once you've approved the sitemap, Ie'll move on to creating a blueprint for the homepage of your new website. No colors or bells and whistles yet - just a basic framework to show the general layout and structure.



When you're happy with the prototype of your website, I'll bring it to life by adding colors and images. This is where you can really start to see your project come to life! This phase will give us the opportunity to give your project character and uniqueness that will attract your target audience and drive conversions.


In this phase we tie everything together. I make sure that everything is functional and that all the nuts and bolts behind the scenes are in their proper place and tightened just right. This phase will wrap all of our work in previous phases into one package and your project will be closer than ever to being introduced to the world!


Testing and Launch

The final phase comes as soon as you're completely satisfied with your website. I'll make sure that every pixel is in its proper place and that all of the technical components are functioning as they should. Once that is completed then we'll go live and show your project to the world!

Note: Smaller projects may not require a Sitemap and/or Prototype. I will discuss whether these are needed or not during our initial call.