Are You Ready?

Let's Be Successful Together

Your success makes me happy and I'm excited to work together if we are a good fit! In order to help you win, it is important that we begin on the same page.

I bring a lot of education, experience, and expertise to every project I take on. After many projects, I know what is needed from both sides in order for your project to be successful.

Are We a Good Fit?

You Have Goals

Without goals, you don’t know where you’re going and you won't know when you’ve arrived. Having clearly defined and actionable goals for your project is essential for success.

I'm referring to S.M.A.R.T. goals. Not "I need to lose weight", but "I will lose 5 pounds in the next 8 weeks by eating a low carb diet and jogging 3 times a week" type of goals. Specific. Measurable. Actionable. Realistic. Time-Based. Goals.

Again, clearly defined goals are essential for successful projects, so if you've got goals or are willing to work with me to define them then we're one step closer to being a good match for completing your project!


You're All In

Building a successful presence online is hard work and it takes time. Your passion for the project is what will push you to keep going when all the chips are on the table and it seems as if you’re running up against a wall.

In order to be the most successful, I need you to be passionate about this project and what it means for your business. I believe that it starts with having goals, but it's more than that, it's having the drive to achieve those goals that really matters.

This is a team effort - you have to be all in.

You Have a Budget

If you really want your project to be a success, you’re going to need to commit to a financial investment.

I don't cut corners to give you a less expensive solution. I'm not interested in working for equity in your start-up or barter for your services and I don’t work on the promise of future work because you know a lot of people and you’ll tell them about me.

You don't need to take money out of retirement or get a second mortgage on your house, but your project's budget is a business investment and it needs to be viewed that way.


You Have Time

In order for your project to be successful, I will require your undivided attention during each phase on the project. This isn't optional. I reserve the right to fire a client when they let the project slip. You have a business to run and keep going - so do I.

Things I expect from you will include: Providing useful and timely feedback, being available for a quick chat when needed, and providing content on time. You're going to need to have the time to get stuff done.

If this is a problem then you must be able to delegate this project to someone and grant them complete and total control of the project. This means they never have to come to you for approval of anything.

Do you check all of those items?

Awesome! The next thing to do is to learn about my process. I've done this for years and I have a specific way that I believe works the best to deliver great results for you. Find out how my process works...